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Drafts and Submissions (4)
  1. Multiparty Reactive Sessions 

    (with M. CanoI. Castellani, and C. Di Giusto

    Conference submission - October 2017 

    [DRAFT] (coming soon)
  2. Declarative Interpretations of Session-Based Concurrency (Extended Version) 

    (with M. CanoH.A. Lopez, and C. Rueda

    May 2017 

    [Supersedes our PPDP'15 paper]
  3. A Typeful Characterization of Multiparty Structured Conversations Based on Binary Sessions
    (with L. Caires[DRAFT]  [DRAFT@arXiv
  4. Some public presentations related to this work:
    • OPCT'14 (18/06/14) with the title "Bridging the Gap between Binary and Multiparty Communications" [SLIDES]
    • BETTY meeting (13/04/2014) with the title "Relating Multiparty and Binary Session Types via Linear Logic"
  5. Logical Foundations for Domain-Aware Concurrency
     (with L. CairesF. Pfenning, and B. Toninho[DRAFT]
    Presented at MSC'14 (12/02/2014) and at Comete-Parsifal seminar - LIX, Ecole Polytechnique (7/11/2013)

Journals (11)

  1. Reversibility in Session-Based Concurrency: A Fresh Look 
    with C. Mezzina

    Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming 90:2-30 (2017) 

    Special issue: Best papers from PLACES'16. [DRAFT]
    [Supersedes our PLACES'16 and ICTCS'16 papers]
  2. Characteristic Bisimulation for Higher-Order Session Processes
    (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida
    Acta Informatica 54(3): 271-341 (2017)
    Special Issue: Best Papers from CONCUR'15 [DOI] (Open access)
  3. Event-Based Run-time Adaptation in Communication-Centric Systems
    (with  C. Di Giusto
    Formal Aspects of Computing 28(4): 531-566 (2016) - Special Issue on Behavioral Types
    [Supersedes our WS-FM'14 paper]. [DOI] (Open access) [PDF]  
  4. Self-Adaptation and Secure Information Flow in Multiparty Communications 
    (with I. Castellani and
     M. Dezani-Ciancaglini)
    Formal Aspects of Computing 28(4): 669-696 (2016)
    Special Issue on Behavioral Types [Supersedes our BEAT'14 paper]. [DOI] (Open access) [PDF]   
  5. Dynamic Role Authorization in Multiparty Conversations 
    (with S. GhilezanS. JaksicJ. Pantovic, and H. T. Vieira
    Formal Aspects of Computing 28(4): 643-667 (2016)
    Special Issue on Behavioral Types [Supersedes our BEAT'14 and PLACES'15 papers]. [DOI[PDF]  
  6. Combining Behavioural Types With Security Analysis
    (with M. BartolettiI. Castellani,
     P.-M. Deniélou, M. Dezani-CiancagliniS. GhilezanJ. Pantovic, P. ThiemannB. Toninhoand H. T. Vieira)
    Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming 
    84:763–780 (2015)
    [Extends the state of the art report of BETTY Cost Action's WG2]. [HAL] [DOI] 
  7. Disciplined Structured Communications with Disciplined Runtime Adaptation
    (with C. Di Giusto)

    Science of Computer Programming 97: 235–265 (2015)
    [Supersedes our SAC'13 paper]. [DOI] [PDF draft] 
  8. Linear Logical Relations and Observational Equivalences for Session-Based Concurrency
    (with L. CairesF. Pfenning, and B. Toninho

    Information and Computation 239:254-302 (2014)
    [Supersedes our ESOP'12 paper.] [DOI] 
    Note: This version addresses inaccuracies in Sect. 5.3 (confluence) as in previous versions of the paper.
  9. Adaptable Processes
    (with M. BravettiC. Di Giusto, and G. Zavattaro)
  10. Logical Methods in Computer Science Vol. 8(4:13) 2012, pp. 1–7
    [Supersedes our FORTE/FMOODS'11 paper.] [DOI]
  11. On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi
    (with I. LaneseD. Sangiorgi and A. Schmitt)
    Information and Computation 209(2):198-226 (2011)
    [Supersedes our LICS'08 paper.] [DOI]
  12. Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability 
    Bulletin of the EATCS
     101:92-124 (2010)
    [A survey of the main results in my PhD Thesis.] 

Book Chapters (1)

  1. Runtime Verification for Decentralised and Distributed Systems
    (with A. Francalanza and C. Sanchez) 
    In Lectures on Runtime Verification Springer LNCS, Vol. 10457. 

Peer-Reviewed Contributions (40)
[International Conferences and Workshops. Full and Short Papers]

  1. Linearity, Control Effects, and Behavioural Types
    (with L. Caires) 
    ESOP'17  Springer LNCS, Vol. 10201. 
    [DOI] [DRAFT[DRAFT (with appendices)]
  2. Causally Consistent Reversible Choreographies 
    with C. Mezzina

    PPDP'17 ACM Press. [DOI] [DRAFT] [DRAFT@arXiv (March 2017)] 

  3. Session-Based Concurrency, Reactively
    with J. Arias and 
    M. Cano)
    FORTE'17  Springer LNCS, Vol. 10321. [DOI] [DRAFT
    [DRAFT (with appendices)] 
    Supersedes a draft entitled "

    A Reactive Interpretation of Session-Based Concurrency''



    ICTCS'16 (see below) - REBLS'16 (co-located with SPLASH'16) - BETTY Final Meeting (October 6-7, 2016)
  4. Efficient Compensation Handling via Subjective Updates
    (with J. Dedeić and J. Pantović)

    SAC'17 (CASM track) ACM Press. [DOI] [DRAFT]

  5. Towards A Practical Model of Reactive Communication-Centric Software
    (with J. Arias and M. Cano) 
    ICTCS'16  Short communication - CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol 1720, 227 - 233 [URL
  6. Multiparty Session Types Within A Canonical Binary Theory, and Beyond
    (with L. Caires
    FORTE'16  Springer LNCS, Vol. 9688. 
    [DOI] [DRAFT] [DRAFT (with proofs)
  7. The Challenge of Typed Expressiveness in Concurrency 
    FORTE'16  Springer LNCS, Vol. 9688.
     [DOI] [DRAFT]
    This is a short position paper; comments are most welcome.
  8. On the Relative Expressiveness of Higher-Order Session Processes
    (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida
    ESOP'16  Springer LNCS, Vol. 9632. 
    [DOI[DRAFTMore details in the dedicated page
  9. Reversible Sessions Using Monitors
    (with C. Mezzina)
    PLACES'16  EPCTS, Vol. 211. [DOI] [DRAFT] 
  10. Comparing Deadlock-Free Session Typed Processes
    (with O. Dardha)

    EXPRESS/SOS'15  EPCTS, Vol. 190. [DOI]. [DRAFT] (with proofs).

  11. On Compensation Primitives as Adaptable Processes
    (with J. Dedeić and J. Pantović)

    EXPRESS/SOS'15  EPCTS, Vol. 190. [DOI] [DRAFT] [DRAFT (with proofs)]

  12. Characteristic Bisimulations for Higher-Order Session Processes
    (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida
    CONCUR'15  LIPIcs, Vol. 42. 
    [DOI] [DRAFTMore details in the dedicated page
  13. Declarative Interpretations of Session-Based Concurrency
    (with M. Cano, H. Lopez, and C. Rueda
    PPDP'15  ACM Press. [DOI] [DRAFT]
  14. A Typed Model for Dynamic Authorizations
    (with S. GhilezanS. JaksicJ. Pantovic, and H. T. Vieira
    PLACES'15  EPCTS, Vol 203. [DOI] [DRAFT] 
  15. Self-Adaptation and Secure Information Flow in Multiparty Structured Communications: A Unified Perspective (with M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, and I. Castellani
    BEAT'14  EPCTS, Vol. 162. [DOI] [DRAFT] 
  16. Dynamic Role Authorization in Multiparty Conversations (with S. Ghilezan, S. Jaksic, J. Pantovic, and H. T. Vieira
    BEAT'14  EPCTS, Vol. 162. [DOI] [DRAFT] 
  17. An Event-Based Approach to Runtime Adaptation in Communication-Centric Systems (with C. Di Giusto
    WS-FM'14  Springer LNCS, Vol. 9421. [DOI] [DRAFT (with proofs)] [HAL]
  18. Towards Global and Local Types for Adaptation (with M. BravettiM. CarboneI. LaneseT. HildebrandtJ. Mauro and G. Zavattaro.) 
    BEAT 2. Springer LNCS, Vol. 8368. [DOI] [PDF] 
  19. Towards Formal Interaction-based Models of Grid Computing Infrastructures (with C. Ramirez, J. Aranda, and J. F. Diaz.
    DCM'13EPTCS, Vol. 144. [DOI] [PDF] The full model overviewed in this paper can be found here.
  20. Behavioral Polymorphism and Parametricity in Session-Based Communication (with L. CairesF. Pfenning, and B. Toninho.)
    ESOP'13. Sp
    ringer LNCS, Vol. 7792. [DOI] [PDF] Slides 
  21. Session Types with Runtime Adaptation: Overview and Examples (with C. Di Giusto
    PLACES'13 (Slides). EPTCS, Vol. 137. [DOI] [PDF] This the post-proceedings version.
  22. Disciplined Structured Communications with Consistent Runtime Adaptation (with C. Di Giusto
    SAC'13 (SOAP track) ACM Press. [DOI] [PDF] [PDF extended version] (01/03/2014)
  23. Towards the Verification of Adaptable Processes (with M. BravettiC. Di Giusto, and G. Zavattaro)
    ISoLA'12. Springer LNCS, Vol. 7609. [DOI] [PDF]
  24. Linear Logical Relations for Session-Based Concurrency (with L. CairesF. Pfenning, and B. Toninho)
     Springer LNCS, Vol. 7211. [DOI] [PDF] (Extended version superseded by I&C journal version.) Slides  
    [This paper supersedes a draft entitled "Termination in Session-Based Concurrency via Linear Logical Relations"]
  25. Adaptable Processes (Extended Abstract) (with M. BravettiC. Di Giusto, and G. Zavattaro)
    FMOODS-FORTE'11Springer LNCS, Vol. 6722. [DOI] [PDF] - see here for more details.
  26. Type-Based Access Control for Data-Centric Systems (with L. CairesJ. SecoH. T. Vieira, and L. Ferrão)
    ESOP'11. Springer LNCS, Vol. 6602. [DOI] [PDF].
  27. Steps on the Road to Component Evolvability (with M. BravettiC. Di Giusto, and G. Zavattaro)
    FACS'10. Springer LNCS, Vol. 6921. [DOI] [PDF] 
  28. Time and Exceptional Behavior in Multiparty Structured Interactions (with H. A. Lopez)
    WS-FM'11. Springer LNCS, Vol. 7176[DOI] [PDF]
  29. On the Expressiveness of Polyadic and Synchronous Communication in Higher-Order Process Calculi (with I. LaneseD. Sangiorgi and A. Schmitt)
    ICALP'10Springer LNCS, Vol. 6199. [DOI] [PDF]
  30. An Overview of FORCES: An INRIA Project on Declarative Formalisms for Emergent Systems (with J. Aranda, G. AssayagC. Olarte, C. Rueda, M. Toro, and F. Valencia)
    ICLP'09. Springer LNCS, Vol. 5649. [DOI] [PDF]
  31. On the Expressiveness of Forwarding in Higher-Order Communication (with C. Di Giusto and G. Zavattaro
    ICTAC'09. Springer LNCS, Vol. 5684. [DOI] [PDF]A long version with proofs (34pp): [PDF]. Slides: [PDF]. More info see HERE
  32. Towards a Unified Framework for Declarative Structured Communications (with H. A. Lopez and C. Olarte)
    PLACES'09. EPTCS, Vol 17, pp. 1-16. [DOI] [PDF]
  33. On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi (with I. LaneseD. Sangiorgi and A. Schmitt)
    LICS'08. IEEE Computer Society, 2008. [DOI]  More information (abstract, long version with proofs) HERE
  34. Stochastic Behavior and Explicit Discrete Time in Concurrent Constraint Programming (with J. ArandaC. Rueda and F. Valencia)
    ICLP'08. Springer LNCS, Vol. 5366. [DOI] [PDF]
  35. Non-determinism and Probabilities in Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming (with C. Rueda)
    ICLP'08. Springer LNCS, Vol. 5366. [DOI] [PDF]. An extended version (20pp), with examples: [PDF]
  36. Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming for Analysing Biological Systems (with J. GutiérrezC. Rueda and F. Valencia)
    MeCBIC'06Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), Vol 171/2 pp 117-137. Elsevier, 2007. [DOI] [PDF]
  37. A Declarative Framework for Security: Secure Concurrent Constraint Programming (Poster) (with H. López, C. PalamidessiC. Rueda and F. Valencia).
    ICLP'06. Springer LNCS, Vol. 4079. [DOI] [PDF]
  38. Implementing an Abstraction Scheme for Soft Constraints (with A. Delgado and C. Rueda)
    SARA 2005Springer LNCS, Vol. 3607. [DOI] [PDF]
  39. Implementing Semiring-Based Constraints using Mozart (with A. DelgadoC. Olarte and C. Rueda)
    MOZ 2004. Springer LNCS, Vol. 3389. [DOI] [PDF]
  40. An Interactive Tool for the Controlled Execution of an Automated Timetabling Constraint Engine (with A. Delgado, G. Pabon, R. Jordan, C. Rueda and J.F. Di­az.)
    MOZ 2004. Springer LNCS, Vol. 3389. [DOI] [PDF]

Editorial Work

  • ACM SIGLOG News - Feature on "Conference Reports" [URL] 

  • Proceedings of DCM 2015 - Eleventh International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models (with C. Muñoz) 
    EPTCS Vol. 204 [DOI]

Technical Reports (3)

  • Core Higher-Order Session Processes: Tractable Equivalences and Relative Expressiveness (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida) 
    This TR comprises papers published in CONCUR'15 and ESOP'16. More details in the dedicated page
  • Relational Parametricity for Polymorphic Session Types (with L. CairesF. Pfenning, and B. Toninho.)
  • Technical Report CMU-CS-12-108, April 2012. Click here for a draft. 
  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results (PhD Thesis)
    Technical Report UBLCS-2010-07, May 2010. 

Theses (2)

  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results
  • Dottorato di Ricerca in Informatica, University of Bologna, 2010.
    Supervisor: Davide Sangiorgi 
    External Reviewers: Uwe Nestmann (Berlin) and Nobuko Yoshida (London)
    Examination Committee: Mariangiola Dezani (Turin), Paola Quaglia (Trento), Francesco Romani (Pisa).
  • Soft Constraints in Concurrent Constraint Programming: Design and Implementation (with Alberto Delgado) 
    (Análisis e Implementación de Mecanismos de Restricciones Débiles para Programación Concurrente por Restricciones) 

    Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)
    , February 2006. 
    Work awarded for the achievements accomplished
    , Council of the School of Engineering, February 10, 2006. 

Other Works